Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Ladies Weekend: Bachelorette Party, Part 3

I am going back and forth between bachelorette party posts and recaps, I realize. But I want to give you the wedding recaps with actual photos from my fabulous photographer, Dorothy Hatchel and I can't do that just yet. So party posts [and other pre-wedding posts that never made it to the blogosphere!] will have to hold you over!


After a full day at the Happiest Place on Earth, my ladies and I ventured over to Disney's California Adventure for dinner at Ariel's Grotto and to see the magnificent show World of Color. Disney has a very good promotion going on where you can have dinner at one of their restaurants and get a fastpass to see WOC- cutting out sitting around for a couple of hours. So knowing that we had a section waiting specifically for us, the girls and I took our time at dinner. The spread at Ariel's Grotto was pretty decent- it's a present menu, but it included an appetizer, dinner and a dessert tray. We got started with a vegetable anti-pasti tray with fresh fruit, grilled vegetables, a selection of cheeses and some darn good salad. After that came our main course of tri tip cooked over rock salt [very good!] and we finished out our time at the Grotto with a beautiful tray of desserts. There was more fruit, mini tiramisu cups, macaroons and some tasty tarts- I was in heaven!


After letting our food settle, we grabbed our fastpasses from our waitress and made our way over to the pier where WOC comes to life. There were hundreds of people already waiting, but we managed to have a fabulous view thanks to our fastpasses. About fifteen minutes before showtime Disney castmembers came out and got the crowd involved in a little singing contest. My favorite part of this little preview was the amazing larger than life puppets that surfed through the crowd. Tigger, Genie, Sebastian and Mike all danced and sang along with the castmembers- silly, but fun.


After the mini-show it was time for the main event: World of Color. Let me say that there are no words that can describe the beauty and imagery that cascades in front of you during this show. I immediately had tears in my eyes- at the very first upshoot of water. Some have critized WOC of not having a consistant storyline, but any true Disney fanatic knows that World of Color is a tribute to the show of the same name produced by Walt Disney in the sixties. WOC is meant to act as a showcase- to show you what Disney can do and how amazing their technology really is and how amazing their imagineers are. Needless to say, Disney is fabulous and they know what they're doing. I was amazed at the beauty and precision of the show- two big thumbs up for Disney as it was my favorite part of the trip.

After WOC it was time to retire for the evening because really- there is no topping that experience.

Up next: Characters galore!

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