Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bittersweet Symphony: The Rehearsal

I woke up Saturday morning and prepared myself for my last day as a single lady. I was trying to make sure that everything was done and that there would be no last minute loose ends to tie up. I remembered that I had to finish my online application for graduate school before I did anything else and so wandered around the house patiently while I waited for Mr. Yankee's friends to wake up. Note to Brides to Be- Do not, I repeat do not try to apply to graduate school the month of your wedding. Your brain will be mush. Just as I finished up the application my MOH arrived to take to me to a "surprise" in town. I was a little apprehensive- still feeling like I was missing something or forgetting to do something and that I was going to get frazzled if I left the house before the rehearsal. Alas, I let the control freak inside of me go and went with my MOH like I was told. And I was so happy I did because my fabulous friend got me a massage!!! So I took the hour to just let everything go- the wedding, the grad school application and the fact that my ankle was 4 sizes too big [which is a story that won't be told here, sorry!].

After the massage I was refreshed and relaxed- ready to tackle the rehearsal day full speed. I was finishing up some last minute things when I realized how close we were getting to rehearsal time. Eek! So I hobbled upstairs and started getting ready and had Mr. Yankee's friends drop me at my mom's house to pick up her car. I arrived exactly on time [to my great surprise] and we started to rehearse!


I have to say, rehearsing was a lot of fun. I was kind of nervous after reading all the wedding blogs about how chaotic the rehearsal can get. Maybe it was because we had a smaller wedding party. Maybe it was because our wedding party just truly rocked- either way, it was a gas! Jokes were flying, tears were flowing and everyone knew exactly where they needed to be. It was excellent.


Once we rehearsed a few times, Mr. Yankee and I decided to disperse with our friends. He would take his friends to a late lunch, I would check into my suite and make sure my dress was hung properly. Of course, losing my mind right before the wedding, I remembered that I had forgotten a few key items back home. Luckily, Bridesmaid J had also forgotten a few items and so we rode together back our houses and told everyone we'd meet them at the rehearsal dinner.


Did you have a good time at your rehearsal?!

Next Up: We eat!

[all photos are personal]

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