Thursday, March 4, 2010

Table names and table games...

Something that I have struggled with is tables. When Mr. Yankee and I got engaged one of the things I knew immediately was that I wanted to have semi-assigned seating. Meaning that while I wasn't going to mark every chair with a name, I wanted people who knew each other to have the opportunity to sit together. There are some places where meeting new people can be really fun and interesting- a wedding isn't one of them.
Since I knew I wanted semi-assigned seating I had to think of how I was going to arrange it. I didn't want to do your typical table numbers. Again my love of weddingbee and theknot clouded my otherwise sane judgement and I just had to have unique table names. There inlies the problem- just what should I choose?!
I searched my normal sites for ideas and started churning some in my head. I am a big Disney fan (duh) and Mr. Yankee proposed there, so I started thinking of Disney themed tables. I came up with all sorts of ideas: disney couples with a history of their love, disney villains (they're misunderstood!), pictures of Mr. Yankee and I in front of different attractions and disney movies. The problem in going with Disney is that it is fine line between creative and cheesy. The next thing I thought of was the word 'love' in different languages, but I felt that was a bit cheesy and didn't fit Mr. Yankee and I just right. Where was my creative juices?!


My current idea is to name our tables after the different places we plan to visit when we are on our honeymoon. Find a really beautiful picture and jot down some history (because I am all about little trivia ice breakers) about the locale and call it a day. The only problem with that is explaining how we came up with our table names. I realize that a lot of people probably won't care, but I know I will care and will be worried about people understanding our theme. Silly, no?!

How about the other brides out there?! How did you come up with your seating arrangement?!

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