Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When all else fails, dust yourself off and try again

Isn't she beautiful?! I miss her all the time. And for those of you who know me- you knew Aaliyah was going to make an appearance in my blog somewhere!
I know I've been absent from this blog and for the three of you who read this- I am sorry. I've had some things happen within the last few weeks that have sort of killed my blog writing bug. First was my post on my father; it was an extremely hard post to write and when I was done I found myself having to go through those emotions all over again. And it wasn't pretty.
And I applied for 'bee-dom, only to be rejected. I realize I still have a ton of time before the wedding, but of course I was super duper excited and applied as soon as there were open spots. Have you seen their new sea creatures monikers?! Like O-M-G!! Alas, I was not accepted and so that put a cramp in my style.
And last, but certainly not least there has been some internal drama with the wedding party. I haven't discussed our wedding party much yet and I will get to them in due time. But needless to say someone made a commitment and has since backed out of said commitment while hoping everything will be peaches and cream. Leaving a very sad and disappointed Ms. Yankee in the dust.
.. However that is all over! And I will tell you why. Tonight I was catching up on my blog reading and I came across some posts over at Weddingbee that were really inspirational. It started out with Miss Hamster's post on how she became a 'bee. And of course that led to me reading about how other bloggers became bees and one thing remained current- do it for you. Blog for you. While yes, as a weddingbee blogger you will be writing for an audience it is important to remember to write for yourself and be yourself. And I think I let too many people get inside of my head about this blog and have punished it because of them- no more.
I want to do some things with this blog to make it a little more pretty and lot more me. The only issue is I am a little html/design challenged. My good friend Kendall gave me a good site to look for new layouts and so I may use one of those. Or I may try to get real creative and do my own thing. Either way, I am back. And I am more jazzed than ever.

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  1. I'm happy your back :-) And let me know if you need help with the HTML. I am learning it, slowly but I do know some tricks :-)