Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The last time you'll get presents as an adult...

... that's right- registering! Being engaged for a really long time means that you get really excited about silly things because 1. you're finally checking something off of your to-do list and 2. well, free presents people I mean, come on! Originally, Mr. Yankee and I were unsure of how we wanted to set up our registry. Did we want to do a honeymoon registry?! An online only registry?! Conventional store?! Or a mix of all three?! In the end, we opted for the conventional store registry and I'll tell you why:
  • Most stores put their registries online anyway
  • It was really fun to go into the store and start scanning away!
  • Honeymoon registries are a little hard to look like anything other than "please give us cash for our honeymoon" and since we weren't going through a specialized company for our honeymoon, that was pretty much exactly what it was going to amount to.
  • I really, really, really, really want a Kitchenaid. Really.
After we decided to go the store route, Mr. Y and I had to decide exactly what stores we were going to use. All sorts of stores were thrown out there: Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Macys, Target, Pottery Barn and so on. After browsing through websites and getting an idea of the things we really need, Mr. Yankee and I decided to go for Macys and Target. We both felt these stores carried an array of necessities at every price range that fit out style. So we set a registry date and were off early on a Sunday morning to scan to our hearts content.

the mecca of Wedding Registiring in the Bay Area (source)

To say that I was excited would be an understatement. Seven floors of home decorating goodness?! Yes please! Mr. Yankee and I took some time outside to enjoy the gloriousness that is the Macys in Union Square and then proceeded to the sixth floor to initiate our registry process. The sales lady was very nice as she took down our information and tried to get us to apply for a Macys card. Then the real fun began- I got a registry gun!

personal photo

I have to admit that other than going to the store and picking up the gun, we had no real game plan. We knew we would be there for a while and we knew that we would take a break and try the burger bar on the 5th floor. Other than that- we were registry babes in the woods. We started on the 6th floor and worked our way down. My purse got heavy and so I decided to make a quick run to the car so that I was carrying as little as possible (word to the other brides out there- carry light during registering. leave the purse, sweatshirt and any other miscellaneous items in the car. you'll only need the gun!). After roughly two hours of looking around (and one fire alarm scare), Mr. Y and I decided it was time for lunch and to go over what we got, what we needed and what could go on the other registry list.
personal photo (he looks so excited, right?!)

After registering for pans, sheets, pillows, towels and yes, my kitchenaide, we decided it was time to head home and enjoy the rest of our Sunday. The registering bug must have hit Mr. Yankee something hard because as soon as we were home, he hopped on his computer and started asking me what our password should be for our Target registry.

"You want to start that now?"
"Yeah, why? You don't want to?"
"No, I'm fine. I just thought you were tired of registering."
"Shoot! Never."

So with that, we proceeded to start our Target registry- him on his computer and me on my laptop. I have to say- it was a lot of fun and I am really glad Mr. Yankee got into it as much as I did. It made it go by faster and was a lot more enjoyable.

What about the other brides out there?! Any fun registering stories?

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