Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sitting on my behind..

Current countdown till the big day?! 140 days. Scary as it may seem, I am spinning my wheels with boredom in terms of wedding planning. There is nothing to do- we're too far away to complete a lot of the detail oriented tasks and are waiting on others to complete things like wedding stationary. I am trying to fill my time by working on the details that will probably consume me as the wedding gets closer, but again- we're too far out to have any concrete 'details' so a lot of what is done is half arsed.
Some of the things that have occupied my time?! Getting a feel for how our ceremony will go. I was gifted with a great book about planning out your ceremony and it has some great readings and texts to help you create your very own ceremony. Mr. Yankee and I sat down one Saturday and pulled things from the book that we really liked and things that were important to us to include during our ceremony. It was a little hard at first because we don't want the ceremony to drag on, but we also want to make sure that certain people are recognized- I feel that we have a good mix of both length and sentiment.
Another project that has been taking up our time is music. I've written about it before, but Mr. Yankee and I have vastly different tastes in music. I like a little bit of everything, where he tends to like really annoying (or as he classifies them: 'catchy') pop music and cares for nothing before 1980 or after 1998 (with some rare exceptions). We were butting heads for a while there before we decided on a compromise- we are both creating a must play top 10 list that will be given to our DJ and working together to find the right sound to create a loose playlist for our DJ for our prelude, recessional, cocktail hour, dinner hour and party time! I have 7 songs so far on my top ten:
1. "Empire State of Mind" Jay Z (to which Brian responded with the need for California Love)
2. "Shook Me All Night Long" AC/DC (I am white. I need some old school, drum filled gritty jams from one of the best rock bands in the history of Rock n Roll. Shoot me.)
3. "Don't Stop Believing" Journey (Bay area band. Awesome rock anthem. Enough said.)
4. "Stronger" Kanye West (this was really hard to put on here, because I HATE Kanye. But I bop my head everytime this song comes on the radio. Damn tune.)
5. "It's Getting Hot" The Team (another local group- with a sick bass line!)
6. "Sweet Dreams" Beyonce (unless she releases it as a single and it becomes played out like all of her other music)
7. "Feedback" Janet Jackson

.. Now that spots are getting limited I am finding it's getting harder to finish- I want to make sure the music is excellent and that everyone can enjoy it!

Any other brides out there finding they have a lack of things to do?! How are you coping?!

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