Monday, May 3, 2010

Blogger Stalker..

Funny title for a post, but it's how I've been feeling lately. I am absolutely obsessed with one former bride's wedding and am so in love with everything that she has done that I find myself reading over all her old posts hoping that some of her creativity rubs off on me. I think the reason I love her so is because she is like me in a lot of ways: extremely organized, type A and needs things to be plotted out in a definitive way. Structure- I love structure. And I have found myself getting frustrated in whimsical attitude that is wedding planning. Sure, it's pretty and fluffy and cute and all, but there is also a pretty extensive to do list that comes with the awesome party.

Who is this beautiful blogger I am so in love with?! Oh that would be Mrs. Daffodil over at weddingbee. She got married almost 2 years ago and her ideas are still timeless and most of all- helpful! Everytime I have had a question about how to do something I find the answer on her blog. So last night I broke down and just started combing through all of her old posts on weddingbee. Needless to say my devotion to her and her wedding has only increased and I bow to her and all of her templates- I plan on using quite a few of them myself.

What about the other brides out there?! Ever stalk another brides blog?!

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