Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let Me Upgrade You.... Accessories edition

Don't you just love that song by Beyonce?! Yeah, neither do I but it fit for a snazzy title, so deal.

I am admittedly not much of a girly girl. I love my jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts. I find comfort in my uggs and tennis shoes and the classiest shoes I've got are from Kohls for work. Other than my love of Sex and the City I have no real fashion sense. I don't buy Cosmo or stalk fashion websites. My fashion motto is: "comfort is key!"
However, this wedding of ours has made me embrace the little pieces of femininity I have and has created a mini monster. It has become important to me what my shoes look like, how my jewelery will match my dress and how to pull off a flawless look, despite my flaws. My first accessory obsession?! The wedding day shoes.

Aren't those colors pretty?! If you haven't already guessed- I wanted colored shoes. And the shoes had to match the rest of the wedding, so I was looking for some apple green pumps that would rival Carrie Bradshaw's collection. So while on vacation a couple of weeks ago I went shopping with a work friend of mine whose taste I trust and whose opinion I value. I knew she would steer me in the right direction. We started at higher end shopping center in Marin and when we had no luck there, she suggested a quick jaunt into the city. Um, okay!!

We parked at Union Square and started the search at Macys. Yes, the same Macys we registered and the same Macys that has 6 floors of goodness! We went to the shoe floor (yes, they have a whole floor dedicated to just shoes!) and began perusing. I tried on a few pairs, hoping to find a shoe that fit my inspiration (pictured below), but nothing was clicking as 'the one.'


Let me just say I have a new appreciation for shoes. Steve Madden is a God and Jessica Simpson has some great designs. But in the end, I fell in love with Nina. Design, color and comfort (something I didn't think was possible with heels). I met Nina's Elga at my local Macys. Who would have thought?! She was sitting my back yard. After the unsuccessful trip to the city I thought I'd give shoe shopping one more shot and went up to my local Simon Mall. I browsed for a few minutes before spotting her in the corner- all unassuming and delicate. I asked the sales lady if they had my size and when she returned with the box I nearly jumped from all the giddyness. They fit like a glove and were so comfortable- score! So now I present to you, my wedding day shoe, Elga.

They aren't the Apple Green I was hoping for (I keep getting told that green was last season. Pshaw!), but I love them none the less. Did you go ga-ga over any wedding purchase?!


  1. wow, beaaaautiful! You're so lucky you have normal sized feet!!! I had the worst time because of my stupid size 11s :(