Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dressing the 'maids

I know it's supposed to be all about the bride in terms of fashion obsession during the wedding planning process, but I have some pretty awesome ladies standing up for me this October and I wanted to make sure they were going to look FABULOUS come game time. And I wanted to make sure they liked their dress- and even though every bride says, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and say- I really wanted a dress that they would be able to wear again. So I decided what any woman attempting to stay away from the title of bridezilla would do- let the girls decide for themselves! It was agreed I would have final veto authority, but that it was up to the girls do decide what the wear- and the fun began! Amazingly enough the girls picked out a dress the same day I bought my wedding dress- nearly a year ago!

excuse the grainy picture- personal photo

another personal photo

While I liked these dresses at first I didn't love them. But knowing that we had a while before the girls had to actually purchase the dress, I kept quiet- hoping that they would change their minds and find something else they liked instead. A few months later my dress was in! Super excited to go try it on and make sure it was the same dress I ordered, I invited bridesmaid A along with me to look at me dress and take a look at the bridesmaid dresses again. We both weren't exactly swooning over the dress, so for fun we took a look around. That is when we found this absolutely gorgeous dress!!!

oh my gosh! gorgeous!

Isn't it puuuurty?! And it has pockets!! Bridesmaid A and I absolutely loved this dress! But not wanting to make a unilateral decision I decided that we would wait until the dress order date to make any firm plans one way or another. Then the march sunday was upon us- the dress order date! It was due or die time. Before making firm commitments, the girls decided they wanted to play dress up and take a look at the dresses. Unfortunately, though it looked gorgeous on the model, it did not look good on the girls. So the search was officially on- and luckily I have two gorgeous, easy going ladies who were more than willing to model dress after dress until we all agreed on the right dress. After about 8 dresses and 30 minutes, the decision was made!!

Isn't it purty?! And it looked fabulous on the two models and everyone thought it was a flattering look and that they would be up to wearing it again!! The final dress will be a dark brown like the first dress pictured and we'll be accessorizing it with green shoes and some other small pieces. I am really happy that all the girls liked the dress and that this part of our wedding planning is done.

Now to plan a shopping trip in the city.... My life is so tough! Did your wedding party find their outfits easily?!

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