Saturday, February 27, 2010

The problem with long engagements...

... is that you change your mind. One month it's all about tulips and the next you want ferns. In the spring you want chocolate cake, in the fall it's cheesecake. Or one minute you really like your wedding dress and the next, you aren't so sure.


You heard me right. I am having wedding dress doubt. I don't know if it is just a prolonged sense of buyers remorse (I did the same thing when I bought my car. A combination of sticker shock and 'I didn't really need a new car' guilt) or if my intuition is really trying to tell me something. Everyone loves the dress and the dress is already paid for and I don't have it in the budget to just go out and purchase another dress... but for whatever reason it is tugging at me and I have even started looking for used wedding dresses online to see if maybe I can throw another 200 dollars and be done with it. Don't get me wrong- I like my dress. And when I purchased it I felt like that was as excited about a dress as I was going to get. But I have this nagging sensation in the pit of my stomach that it's not the best dress for me.

Of course there are body issues associated with it as well. I don't feel like I look enough like a bride. I don't have the flat stomach, the toned shoulders, buffed arms and tanned physique you see in all the bridal magazines. I'm- in terms of the wedding industry- a plus sized bride. I don't like the term "plus sized" because I don't particularly care for the connotation of what it means. I am by no means skinny, but I never have been. So when I found a dress that I could fit into and it didn't make me feel like a stuffed mushroom, I went for it. And perhaps I went for it too soon?!

I haven't made any final decisions, so I won't show my dress until I do. But what about the other brides out there?! Did you have post wedding dress stress?! Was it just buyers remorse or was it something real?

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