Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drowning in inspiration...

I am in this weird place in terms of wedding planning... I have all of this inspiration surrounding me and all of these ideas that I like but nothing is cohesive. I am not what you would call crafty and so a lot of things I've seen have been other brides' long hard hours of work, but the things I like tend to clash. Damask patterns on invites with vines on the menus. Funky fonts on the programs with script on the escort cards. Perhaps the length of the engagement (20 months by the time we say "I do") is to blame or a suppressed fear that my wedding has to be the wedding that ends all weddings. For example, I have thought of at least four different things I can do for our table numbers- yes, at least four different ways to creatively mark a table number. I've changed my idea on the type of invitations I like a half a dozen times and have even re-thought my colors.

There are so many questions to answer and things to plan - which is normally something I love- but it is driving me a little bonkers. Trying to remain calm and keep perspective all the while secretely worrying on how my invitations will turn out or what peope will think of the wine we chose. I might need some therapy after this.

I am doing the bride to be thing and collecting any and all photos that interest me, hoping an impartial third party will see a common thread I am missing. And I am hoping that as it gets closer I will come up with some sort of theme, idea, look that I like and that I can pull all the way through the wedding.

How are you figuring out all the details?! Am I the only bride second guessing everything?!


  1. I think it's the long engagement to blame :) Your wedding is gonna be gorgeous...and I can help with anything crafty if you need help! :)

  2. Oh, I totally re-think things a million times. NORMAL~! and don't you hate how many times the "is it going to look good?" thought creeps into your head? I Hate how vain and self-concious I am bout the wedding! I'm so confident otherwise.. why am I so concerned what people think about the wedding?!

  3. @ringaroundtheroses: i know! i keep having these dreams of guests at my wedding rolling their eyes or making some snide remark! it's driving me insane.

    @bella: i have a couple of ideas and i want to run them by you to see if they are plausable, will work and how to get them done while maintaining my sanity! maybe this weekend during breakfast/coffee, no?!