Friday, April 9, 2010

The Great Cake Debate

I blogged before about my utter shock at the price quote of flour, sugar and eggs- also known as a wedding cake. After the initial sticker shock wore off, I reassessed my budget to see what we could realistically accomodate. I added a couple of hundred dollars to the cake section, but something about it didn't sit right with me. So I looked into other options. I searched the net for budget friendly options like cup cakes, pies and perhaps not going through a posh little bakery. It is during this search that I found a beautiful cake in an unlikely source.

That's right- Lucky food stores. At first I was a little apprehensive to the idea. I mean, it's Lucky! It's not a home grown bakery that has built their business from the ground up and all that. I felt a little guilty for being so "cheap" when it came time to something for the wedding, but I just couldn't sit with the idea of paying 300% mark up for a simple, three tiered, square cake. I wanted no fancy design or sugar flowers- so I didn't think $6 a person was an acceptable price. Sue me.

How I stumbled upon Lucky is actually pretty interesting. I was early to work one morning and decided that I would check one final local bakery to ask about their wedding cakes. I got the information from the owner of bakery one, surpressing my expected shock when she spoke of per person costs and delivery fees. I walked out into the cool morning air and looked to my left- then I walked next door to Lucky.
I popped into their bakery department and asked if they did special event cakes like weddings. The lady behind the counter was very helpful and handed me a book and told me that they definitely did wedding cakes, but that they didn't deliver. All of a sudden, I found it. The cake to end all cakes! It was square, in my wedding colors and under $400!!! I preceeded to get super excited, take a picture of the picture with my cell phone and email Mr. Yankee what he thought.

"I like it. It's simple, classic and CHEAP. :)"

..typical boy.
So I called and make a cake tasting/consultation appointment with the cake decorate for Tuesday at 1 o'clock! And barring any disasters- I think we may have found out cake vendor! Beautiful and within my budget?! Yes please! 

How about the brides out there?! Did your wedding planning take you to unexpected places?!

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