Monday, April 26, 2010

The evolution of wedding planning...

Why does everything have to be so magnified for all things wedding?! And why does everything have to be able to be customized?! I am wishing for a socialist society right about now...

So Mr. Yankee and I went paper shopping on Sunday. We had narrowed down our choice in invitations, but of course, I was having doubts and so I decided we needed to go through the torture of looking through 20 different binders all over again. And there we sat on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, flipping through page and page of different colored paper trying to decide just what type of paper was going to be "the one" for our invitations. Of course I liked the expensive pocketfolds or embossed beauties and though pretty, I couldn't talk myself into spending that kind of money on something that people will throw away. But don't applaud me yet. Because I got home and looked up this invitation suite (wedding lingo, not my words) that I noticed a few days prior. And of course I started to swoon all over again and decided that I would *at least* email the designer to get an idea of the cost.

I then found out that she has a two month waiting list and of course that just increased my need to have these invitations and these only. Now I am officially on a waiting list to have someone else play in adobe photoshop or indesign or whatever it is these creative types do to make me a "custom" invitation.

.. bah wedding planning. Any other brides having paper planning snafus?!


  1. We definitely need to chat about these invites...I have adobe photoshop and I can help on the embossing :) If you want to send me an email about what you are looking for or what you really like I'd be happy to see if I can work something out to help you :)

  2. oh you are my sunshine :o)

    here is what i LOVE (but in my colors):