Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just how do you say Thank You?

According to my weddingwire calendar, it is time for me to start shopping for my bridesmaids gifts. I have been thinking about it for a while now, trying to make mental notes of just what each girl would like and just how the hell I would gather everything and present it to my fabulous women.
I was also a little nervous because our budget is kind of small. I wanted to spend a little more than what was allotted for in the budget and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we find a few extra bucks somewhere. Luckily, I had someone drop out of the wedding party on my side- so I can spend a bit more on each beautiful lady. I've scoured weddingbee, theknot and projectwedding hoping that I would get enough inspiration and ideas to get started on these puppies, but I never imagined it would be so hard. I love the women that will be standing up with me and wedding day. How do I translate that love into the perfect gift?!

If you're in my wedding party- be gone! This is not for your eyes. I am serious- go away.

One of the first things I had to decide was if I was going to get everyone the same thing or if each girl was going to get different things. I liked both ideas for different reasons and so I decided to blend the two ideas together. For example, I am thinking of getting each girl a piece of jewelry but different pieces for each girl (because let's face it- no two girls fall in love with the same jewelry look. Plus, it felt lazy to get each girl the exact same thing without taking inventory of their individual personalities).

And something that is kind of trendy nowadays is to give the girls a tote bag to lug all their loot in. But I just haven't seen any bag that I think the girls would enjoy. So then the next question is- just how do I present these gifts to my beautiful ladies?! I have seen some really great DIY gift bags that I might try my hands at- I really want to put some heart into these gifts because I know these girls are doing a lot for me over the next couple of months and I really want to show my appreciation.

What about the brides out there?! How are you thanking the members of your wedding party?!

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