Friday, June 25, 2010

Okay, time to get serious...

A week from today will be the 100 day mark till "we do." Holy moly!! What does that mean, exactly?! A few things, actually:

  • It's account draining time. There will now be more money coming out of our wedding account then going in with things like catering bills, floral deposits and photography payments.
  • I actually have to turn my ideas into concrete decor. A lot more crafting and a lot less inspiration photo collecting. It's weird, actually. I am a little afraid of how my ideas are going to turn out. I just don't know if everything that is in my head will translate into pretty decor. We'll see, right?!
  • Vendor meetings. Now is the time we start meeting and remeeting- going over ideas, confirming details and going through all the little nuances that will make our wedding day come to life.
  • No more thumb twiddling. I officially have something wedding related to do every week from now until the wedding. I don't mind this- I like the idea of getting a little bit done each week so that when it comes to wedding week, I'll be sitting pretty.
On the docket this weekend?! Return a dress (because in my bridal dumbness I bought 2 dresses thinking I needed a dress for both the rehearsal and bridal shower, only to realize I needed only 1), purchase shoes for rehearsal dinner, make a craft store run to Michaels to start the DIY projects I've been dragging my feet and attend a wedding workshop at Pottery Barn on Sunday morning.

How did we get so close so fast?!

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