Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Bride's Obsession: Paper

I've written in the past about my quick developing obsession with paper here. I thought I had made the decision and that everything was done. Boy was I wrong. First, a little more back story: 

I would classify my relationship with paper pre-enagement as a modest appreciation. I scrapbooked from time to time and therefore was aware of the all the different types and shapes and weights of paper, but never really had much use for them outside of my current craft of the day.

Then Mr. Yankee proposed. And it was on. On like donkey kong. My first obsession?! Invitations, of course. Then I read about Save the Dates and realized that I had to have those too! I wanted to set the tone for the rest of the stationary that was sure to be coming down the pike. They had to be fresh, colorful and above all- cute. Yeah, you heard me- I wanted to make sure our Save the Dates were cute. Sue me. I scoured the internet for ideas on how to make the perfect STD and combined my idea with my love of a good deal and ordered them through VistaPrint. 100 Save the Dates later, I thought my paper obsession had been squelched. Oh how foolish I was.

I soon became obsessed with finding the right invitations. I hopped onto the bridal wagon and was in love with pocketfolds and was so sad that there was no way to fit them in our paper budget. Resolved to "get over it" and find something that was just as pretty but more cost effective, I dragged Mr. Yankee to numerous stationary stores to find the invitation suite. Let me just say this- I have really expensive taste. Every suite I liked was upwards of $700-1000. Say it with me: OUCH. There was no way I could argue spending a thousand dollars on something that will end up in a lot of garbage cans.

I thought we were saved when Mr. Yankee and I agreed on a funky design (as hinted about here). But when we went back to finalize everything and place the order I just.couldn' I didn't really like them. Not the way I felt I was supposed to. So the hunt was on, yet again.

Stay tuned for the wrap up of this bridal obsession.

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