Friday, August 13, 2010

Still amazing...

::checks official countdown via Weddingwire:: Official countdown- 58 days! I still can't believe it's coming as fast as it is.
The next few weekends promise to be very hectic, but very exciting. I almost fell out of my chair yesterday when I realized my bridal shower was next weekend. Next weekend! Holy moly! Next weekend will also count as my official trial. The gorgeous, talented, super spunky stylist I call Lindsay will be manning the mane and the face. I am so excited about the look she will create for me- the girl is just BEYOND talented- for realz!
So what is on the calendar the next couple of weekends?! Well take a gander, shall we?!
This Weekend
Saturday- I am going to the city with my mommy! Where I hope to find my wedding day accessories (finally!) and recharge my self-doubting batteries.
Sunday- Off to Sea Ranch to spend some time with Mr. Yankee's family :o)
August 21/22
Saturday- Work on some DIY projects, prepare my thank you gifts to the hosts of my shower.
Sunday- Bridal shower! So excited to see all my friends and family :o) And, of course- my hair/make up trial
August 28/29
Saturday- First alterations appointment at 11am!
Sunday- I am going to celebrate my good friend Michelle's last Sunday being a single girl!
September 4/5
Saturday- Put together wedding wish tree, finish tissue pomanders and get all baskets done.
Sunday- The wedding of two of the most awesomist people in the world! JOSH AND MICHELLE!
September 11/12
Saturday & Sunday- Head down to Milpitas to have some non wedding related family time. Probably use Mr. Yankee's parents printer since it is super awesome to print menus, programs and other misc. paper.
September 17/18
Saturday-Monday: Bachelorette party in DISNEYLAND!!! And Mr. Yankee will be in Vegas. I am super excited about this for a couple of reasons:

September 25/26
I am leaving this weekend open since I will probably have to have another/final alterations appointment. But I assume I will be calling late responders (so make sure you put the RSVP in the mail, k?!). I will also send out our Rehearsal Dinner invites!
October 2/3
Saturday- Seating chart! This will be my task to end all tasks.
Sunday- Finalize the wedding weekend timeline packet. Confirm details!
October 9/10
Saturday- Rehearse! Holy moly! And of course my final girls night of being a single girl!
Sunday- We get murried!!!!

..whew. I can't believe we're just a few weekends away. It's going to be fun, stressful, exciting and busy! Just the way I like it :o)

How did you get your mind around the last few weeks of singlehood?!

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