Saturday, August 7, 2010

And there they go...

First of all I wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS!! to my fellow wedding blogger, Alyssa at Ring Around The Roses- today is her wedding day and I am sure she is going to be a beautiful bride. Have a great wedding, Alyssa- it's the start of a beautiful together!!!

Today is the day I let go of my beautiful wedding invitations. They have been labeled, stuffed, stamped and sitting a box ready to go for about two weeks. As excited as I am to put these babies in the mail, I am also kind of sad- these babies have been a labor of love. A lot of emails and a few moments of stress created what I think are the most gorgeous little pieces of paper known to weddings. I am so greatful for Chelsea at Fourth & Folded who responded quickly to my half a dozen emails and made me sit and think on the design for a few days before going through with the printing.

As you've read in my numerous paper posts, the invitations have been a massive evolution. When I first started planning I was determined to be simple and cheap. At the end of the process, they are beautiful and more than I wanted to spend, but bring me little flutters of happiness everytime I think of them and so I think they are worth it.

I will post a photo shoot of the invites next week, but here is a little teaser for you...

iphone photo- yes, I invited Mickey & Minnie- what?!

Did you fall in love with your invitations?

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