Monday, October 25, 2010

The Ladies Weekend: Bachelorette Party; Part 1

Authors Note: I interrupt the wedding recaps to share some much belated pre-wedding posts I've been meaning to share. Enjoy!

I realized that I promised you pictures from the bachelorette party- between battling a cold and falling down some stairs [another story for another post] and the craziness that is the week of a wedding I just never got the chance to sit down and write out the details... Forgive me! But alas- here were are about two weeks post wedding and five weeks post bachelorette party and I finally have the time to gab about all the fabulousness that was the Bachelorette Party!

The party started Friday night with my Maid of Honor picking everyone up and driving us to her friend's house which was closer to the airport. Because we were flying out so early the next morning, MOH thought it might be a good idea to sleep a little closer. We arrived a little before 10, had a few welcome drinks with her friend and proceeded to open our goodie bags.. And let me tell you- they were fabulous!


Inside the bags were candies, necklaces, buttons and matching shirts. We made the executive decision that everyone would wear their shirts our first day in Disneyland. Finally at about midnight we decided it was time to get some sleep. Making sure the alarms were set for 4am, we changed into our jammies and grabbed some shut eye.

What did you do for your bachelorette party?

Next Up: Disneyland, Day 1

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