Tuesday, February 16, 2010

They're just going to get tossed anyway... our invitation evolution

Seriously- is there anything better than paper?! After getting engaged, one of my first obsessions was with invitations. I luuuuuuurved them! They were so pretty. Bright, sparkly paper, whimsical fonts, embellished designs?! Swoon! And so I did what any other self respecting engaged woman does- I googled invitations. LOTS of invitations. And there has been an evolution of invitations, to say the least. First, I had to have a Disney themed invite. I didn't care if it was pocketfold, trifold or on one sheet of embossed paper. It just had. to. be. DISNEY! And so these invitations quickly took the lead:


They were everything I wanted. They were simple- not too 'girly' and not overt with the Disney-ness (like no Cinderella sitting in a castle, inyourfacetypedisney, disney-ness). Even better- they came in my wedding color! I quickly proceeded to get an estimate of roughly 75 invitations, response cards and matching envelopes. I nearly doubled over when I saw the price. I was looking at a price tag of almost $500! That is over $6 an invitation (not including shipping). It was around this time that the wonderfully talented authors over at weddingbee posted a post about this online store called etsy. It was a fabulous place for all things wedding, they said. They have magnificent products at amazing prices; score! So I clicked my way onto etsy and found these beautiful disney themed invites:


I was in love with these invites from the start. I fell into the pocketfold craze that seems to be brewing around these parts and just HAD to have them. Add to that the totally awesome disney font and mickey ears?! Um, yes please! But at over $4 an invitation I was unsure of just how much I needed to have disney pocketfolds. I hadn't completely banned it from my list, but I was keeping myself open to other options. Then I decided, "Hey! I can do my own pocketfolds, right?! All it takes is some paper (okay, a lot of paper), scissors, glue and some great friends to come over and help out, right?! I mean the 'bees made it look so easy! Then I started to read the tutorials and began to quiver... Measuring? Special tools like a bone folder?! Ayy! So NOT for this bride to be. Okay, back to the drawing board.

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Yankee and I decided to go peruse the local stationary stores to see if there was anything that struck our fancy. We went to three stores and browsed countless binders of invitations. Our choices are:

Number One:

personal photo

Number Two:
personal photo

Number Three:
personal photo

Stay tuned to see which one we picked!

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