Friday, July 16, 2010

You've GOT to be kidding!

I am going to forget for 5 minutes that I write this blog for people and rant. You heard that- I am about to rant my little butt off, so if you don't want to hear/read/deal with it- skip this entry right about now.

Planning a wedding is filled with the small things. All the little things that you normally wouldn't even let phase you suddenly become all you can think about. I imagine planning a wedding is a little bit how raising children can be- take an otherwise sane, normal person who is interested in plenty of activities and topics and once they start focusing on raising this child all else goes out the window. They become so concerned with what to do, how to do it and what other people will think that all other rationalization goes out the window.

Wedding planning... is stressful. I feel like that is the under statement of century. And because it's stressful I feel like you let yourself get ridiculously excited over stupid things. Example?! My invitations. I was so excited about these things for so many reasons.
It was the one thing about the wedding that I didn't have to compromise on. They were beautiful, in my budget and completely timeless. I felt like I could put them in a shadow box and look at them in 5, 10, 15 years and still find them beautiful and classic. They were also custom- not everyone and their mother was going to have these and therefore I felt special. And they had cute little touches that I came up to make them that much better.

I've waited patiently for these beautiful pieces of paper all week. I rushed home this afternoon after work and carefully cut the priority box open and was so excited- until I saw the envelopes. They were the wrong color. Instead of the rich chocolate brown they were supposed to be, they were green.

Stupid thing to be upset about, but I just felt like it was the tiny straw that was breaking the camels back. Unfortunately not much of this wedding planning has gone smoothly, despite my being organized and on top of things. And now I really just want to crawl into a hole and cry.

One piece of advice from brides out there: Evites. Problem solved.


  1. haha Evites are a great idea!! I think that the Honeymoon was created because of how stressful weddings are lol....whoever invented them decided the bride needed a nice relaxing trip after the big day!!

  2. I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the honeymoon. And once I have the brown envelopes I am sure I will get excited about the invites again too, it was just one thing after another this week and I laid so much hope and excitement on the invites that it just made me very bitter.
    And of course I felt the world was against me because of all the brides and all the invitations that go out every single day why is it that MY invites had something wrong with them?!

    Bah! I am over it. Really. I am not bitter :op