Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bride's Obsession: Paper- Part 2

In my last  paper post here, I discussed the obsession I was quickly developing with paper. Ready for the conclusion?! Waiting with breaths held, I'm sure.

So after becomming a crazy, paper obsessed wench of a bride to be and making the decision that absolutely nothing in the paper store would suffice, I bit the bullet and decided that I had to email an Etsy seller about her invitation designs. Again my love of weddingbee can be blamed for this desire. I saw a post by Miss French Fry on her invitations and just knew I had to have something like that. Especially if I couldn't have my pocketfolds.

The name of said designer?! Chelsey- from Fourth & Folded. Isn't her work just gorgeous?! As Anjela Johnson would say, "You so pweety! Like moduw." I emailed Chelsey and was told that she had a waiting list- of course!- but that if I was willing to wait, she would love to work with me. Score! I sat and waited for Chelsey to give me the green light; and let me just say- it was totally worth the wait! The design is just absolultely beautiful and I am so glad to be helping out an independent designer rather than a huge cookie cutter corporation like Hallmark or Crane.

Once we had the design, we had to decide whether we going to be DIYers and have them printed and assemble them ourselves or would we bite the bullet and have Chelsey finish her masterpiece?! After a lot of budget analysis and finger nail chewing, the decision was made to have Chelsey print them up and send them our way.

We are in the final stages of the invitation process and let me just say that I am so excited!! I cannot wait for them to mailed to our door step.

Did you get excited about any wedding details?!


  1. YAY...One less thing on your plate to do :-)

  2. Seriously! Now I just have to wait for them to get here!!!