Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bachelorette Party Cometh!

In t-minus ten days I will be on my way to my bachelorette party... in DISNEYLAND! I find myself constantly surprised that it is coming up so soon. But that doesn't mean I am any less excited! These pre-wedding events keep reminding me just exactly how close we really are to wedding day. Eek!

The current plan is to drive to down to one of my maid of honor's friends' house Friday night and sleep over. Early Saturday morning me, maid of honor yankee and two of my three bridesmaids are all hopping on a flight down to Orange county. As soon as we land we will head over to Paradise Pier, drop off our bags and trek over to the most magical, special, joy filled place ever! DISNEYLAND! [Can you tell I'm a little excited?]

So while Mr. Yankee jumps off a building, shoots guns and drinks himself silly, I will be sitting through Haunted Mansion Holiday, eating at Rancho del Zocalo and making my friends wait for ridiculously long periods to watch World of Color with me.

I have no idea what else is in store, but I am sure we will have a great time. I know the girls hope to get me smashed while in Southern California, but I am hoping to save the drunk fest for when we return and can have more participants. And I hope my bridesmaids will look at this time as a mini vacation rather than a "bachelorette" party. It will be nice to hang out, recharge and experience the awesomeness that is Disneyland together.


  1. I wanna be a part of getting you smashed when you get home :)...I hope you have an AMAZING bachelorette vacation :)

  2. DEAL! Clear your October 2nd night schedule. That will most likely be the date [brian going to a wedding, its the last saturday before the wedding- it's actually quite perfect!]