Thursday, September 16, 2010

Invitations: The Reveal

I know I've rambled on and on about all the paper choices we've made and how hard it was to come to each and every decision. But listening [or reading in this case] to all of my babble is going to pay off. Why? Because with the RSVP deadline looming [Friday for all you slackers out there!], I figured everyone has seen what they look like.

As I mentioned before, Mr. Yankee and I went through the online dealer fourth and folded. Chelsea was an absolute dream to work with and responded to my multitude of emails with grace and efficiency. I am not joking when I say I have some of the best vendors in town. They really do rock my socks.

..Okay so enough yammering, right?! I present to you our invitations!

We went with chocolate brown envelopes and green and white address labels. Chelsea printed liners with our wedding emblem and names to place inside our main envelope.

Our beautiful main invite. I loved how Chelsea created a graphic with Mr. Yankee's and I's first initial.

We also had Chelsea create an information card. Since we'll be getting married in a hotel, we reserved some rooms for our guests at the discount price. So if you're staying over the night of the wedding- utilize that discount! Rooms are beautiful!

And there you have it! Our beautiful, time consuming, chaos inducing, fabulous invites!


  1. So I just want to double check you got ours right?? LOL Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!