Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gee wilickers, Batman!

It's the beginning of the end. After arriving home from my bachelorette party last weekend, I instinctively knew that it was go time. There are 15 days left until the wedding. 15 days.... That is just creepy! I have been planning this wedding for almost two years and now we're just days away?! Goodness.

What have I been doing to get ready for this shindig?! Well I've been cutting menus and programs, making sure I had an .mp3 of my entrance song, created a wedding day play list for us girls while we're getting our hair done. I've made a few appointments for last minute hair touch ups and been pulling my hair out over the seating chart. Brian and I created our wedding wish tree [such an adventure!] and looked into more wine for the wedding. I've worked on the dreaded wedding day timeline and tracked down missing RSVPs. Seriously, people- if you're invited to a wedding RSVP before the response date. You know why?! 1. Etiquette stipulates that if there was no RSVP the guest isn't coming [so imagine how surprised the Bride and Groom will be to see you there when they expected you not to attend] and 2. The Bride and Groom have better things to do 3 weeks before the wedding than to track down your meal choice. Even you if are completely positive that the Bride and Groom knows your coming, send your RSVP- we aren't mind readers and need to know what you would like to eat, mkay?!

But mostly I've just been trying to get mentally prepared for the big day. It's going to be emotional and exhausting, but also loads of fun! I am also getting ready for my honeymoon in Italy!! I am so ridiculously excited about visiting Europe I can barely see straight. I plan to eat tons of gelato, drink lots of wine and take a million pictures.

I promise pictures of the bachelorette party soon- I am battling a cold right now so most of my energy is being put towards getting healthy so I can focus and have fun come game day :o)

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