Thursday, September 9, 2010

I gave her my ring, she gave me a piece of paper! [The Sequel]

Since there seems to be a trend in sequels in Hollywood these days [I mean really, did the Chipmunks need a 'squeakquel'?], I thought it fitting to share my wedding related sequel. No, my ring did not break again. Though I did have to fork over my engagement ring for the second time in exchange for a piece of paper it had nothing to do with being broken. It had to be re sized. Apparently, when you have an engagement ring and a wedding ring, they both should be a bit larger than normal so your fingers don't get all puffy and nasty. Who knew?!

As the nice saleslady was filling out my paperwork she asked me the estimated value of my engagement ring. Ergh... Awkward?! I have no idea! I never asked Mr. Yankee how much he spent on the ring [I only made sure he didn't over extend himself] and I could only guesstimate on its value based on the specs he gave me. But seriously- do other brides to be out there know the exactly dollar amount their fiances spent on a ring?! I guess I should know for insurance purposes, but I always felt that ring shopping, purchasing and presenting were all a part of the guys preparation for marriage.. Why spoil it by requesting a blow by blow account of the purchase?!

After I gave her my estimate she very nonchalantly said they request the information because they cannot control UPS and they need to make sure they have the right dollar amount in case it needs to be replaced. I tried to laugh it off like an impossibility when she looked at me and said "It's happened before."
WHAT?! Why, why would you tell that to a customer?! Especially a bride to be! For all she knew I could have been one walking hissy fit waiting to happen. It made me nervous, but I decided to let it go and keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't happen to me and mine.

So there you have it, folks. I gave some lady my ring[s] and received a piece of a paper and a cautionary tale that the UPS has lost their packages before. Yay!

Any other brides out there have to give up their ring multiple times?!

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