Sunday, January 10, 2010

The beauties of California... and how we came up with 10/10/10

I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful section of California. It is normally referred to as "Wine Country" by those living elsewhere and let me tell you- there is so much more to Northern California than wine. Sure- we have vineyards aplenty, but we also have beautiful mountains, beaches, historic locales and some pretty excellent food. The other great part of living in Northern California? The weather.

We have super excellent weather in these parts. We don't get snow (too often), we have mild winters, beautiful springs, toasty warm summers and absolutely gorgeous falls. On any given day during fall, you can expect to see this:

(Personal Photo)

And so when it came time to decide just when Mr. Yankee and I were going to get married, fall seemed to fit right into place. We knew it would be beautiful- the leaves turning that magnificent yellow, orange and red hue, the sunsets with their bright and bold finales and the weather could be counted on to be nice enough to have at least our ceremony outdoors. And that is how our date came about. We wanted a fall wedding and knew that 10 months would just not be enough to save, plan and execute the wedding so we pushed it to 2010. And as luck would have it, there was a date on a Sunday (which was prefered for me in my line of work) that just happened to be practically perfect in every way: 10-10-10.

There were a couple of reasons we decided 10-10-10. First look at that line up! 10-10-10! I am not much of a believer in numerical destiny but I thought that was a pretty cool date. Another reason we picked 10 to the third power is that due to budget and guest list reasons, it was ideal to have our wedding on a Sunday. Score! And the third perk of our date?! The weekend of October 10th falls on a holiday weekend (for some) which meant that people could come to our wedding and not everyone would be worrying about having to go to work the next day. ::does happy dance::

So now that we knew the date, it was time to find the place. Oh yeah- and figure out the budget. What is the best part of where you live (or getting married)?

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