Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years Resolution: My Introduction

Hello? ::clears throat::: Is this thing on?

Hi! My name is Ms.Yankee- welcome to my wedding-related blog. While I am not entirely new to the blogosphere, this is my first attempt at actually writing material for others to read and, hopefully find amusement in.

So why a blog specifically designed around one 8 hour event you ask? Well, because this one 8 hour event will have consisted of over 20 months of planning, budgeting, envisioning and organizing and sometimes a girl just needs a release. And my personal blog was becomming just too much wedding, not enough Ms. Yankee. So instead of those cliche new years resolutions of losing weight or trying new things, I decided to come up with an idea that might actually last- start a new blog specifically for the wedding!

I have to admit that I did not come up with this brilliant idea out of the blue. It's all in the hopes of a greater purpose, which I will explain in future posts. But for now let me just say- I am hoping to craft my voice in hopes that I can share my planning process with an even bigger audience.

But for now, I leave you with a hello. How are you? And is there anyone else out there who is trying new things to manage their wedding planning process?

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