Saturday, January 16, 2010

I dream of... venue edition

Let's face it: we've all at one point or another come up with some pretty extravagant things for our wedding only to be pulled down to earth and reminded that we don't have a wedding genie and can't make all our wedding wishes come true. But it doesn't mean we can't dream -
and I have spent a fair amount of time doing that. Because thinking of those things that you just know you can't afford sometimes leads you to ideas and things you can afford.

In my previous post I hinted to letting know more about my search for the perfect venue. Before we get to my search, I'll share with you the places I would get married if price were no option. It's really an eclectic mix of places, so enjoy the ride.

Number One: Yankee Stadium


I mean how cool would THAT be? I would have to get married ON the field, of course. Right in between second and third base! I realize that couples aren't allowed to get married on the field (why not?! that would be sooo cool!)- but a girl can dream, right?

Number Two: Disneyland


Ahh, to be married in the happiest place on earth! I mean who DOESN'T dream of being married inside the pearly gates of Disneyland? I know- a lot of people- but I think they are all crazy. Picture this: old rolls royce auto's picking up your guests on main street and escorting them to the ceremony location- right in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! Ohmygosh! But at nearly 35k just for venue and food- not to mention the slight annoyance of having to wait till after the park closes before your ceremony can begin- I deflated myself and got back to Earth. I did get a Disneyland proposal, afterall. And I did figure out a way to bring a little Disney into the wedding- more on that, later.

and last, but certainly not least

Number Three: Hawaii


Mr. Y is a big fan of the islands and loves all things beach. And I love that you are pretty much guaranteed beautiful weather no matter the time of year. And I know a lot of people end up choosing Hawaii for their "I Do's" but Mr. Y and I wanted friends and family with us more than we wanted a beautiful beach. Plus living in California means that we have plenty of beautiful beaches just waiting for us to plan a wedding.

What about you? Any 'I Dream of Jeannie' venues pop into your head during your wedding plans?

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