Monday, January 18, 2010

Inspiration Boards... Photography Edition

So as much as I would absolutely love to be photoshop, flash or even power point savy- it just wasn't in my wedding planning cards. After clicking through all of these blogs for inspiration and noticing that the thing to do was to create "boards" I got both extremely excited and a teeny bit sad. There are two reasons for this:

1. You mean people know how to put pictures together, in a cohesive manner that doesn't look all sorts of 2nd grader collage-like? Pressure!

2. I have to actually decide what my "vision" is for the wedding? Isn't the "theme" of the wedding our love?

And number 2 is where I really started to hyperventalate and get nervous. I mentioned in earlier posts that I am not the bride to end all brides. So not only was I responsible for planning this picturesque wedding, but now I had to come up with a theme? Color palette? And put it in an INSPIRATION BOARD?!?!


I took a step back and decided I would break down all of these little wedding quirks and make them work for me. I have no set vision of our wedding. I'm kind of going with the flow and letting the wedding evolve on its own. But I knew there were certain things that were very important to me and I knew I could probably gather a "so-so" inspiration board to get my point across. And that is where Wedding Wire came in. I tried using the sites that specialize in inspiration boards only, but I found them to be too confusing and frustrating. But Wedding Wire was a one stop shop. I could create my inspiration board and save it right there! Score! I will speak more to Wedding Wires glorious ways in future posts, but first I give you my inspiration board: photography edition!

All photos courtesy of Wedding Wire

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