Friday, January 8, 2010

Okay, so really... Why the blog?

I promised in my introduction post that I would share the main reason I decided to start this wedding related blog. A couple of months after Mr. Y and I got engaged, I was browsing the internet looking for great wedding inspiration. You see- I was never the girl who dreamed of the perfect venue, the perfect dress or the perfect design- so I was overwhelmed feeling I had a lot of catching up to do. As I clicked through the various sites, magazines and blogs I stumbled across this great little site called Weddingbee. And I fell in love.

Huh, you say?! Well Weddingbee is a source for all brides (and brides to be) to share their stories and discuss the small minute details of wedding planning that none of your friends, no matter how hard they try, can get really excited about. So I spent 3-4 hours browsing through each bee's post, pulling inspiration and stories from these great authors. And then I nearly fell out of my chair! The Bee (as we who frequently stalk the site so sweetly nickname it) accepts applications for new members??!!? Holy dark knight, batman! I love writing- sign me up! And then I read about the application process and was a bit scared. Posting something wedding related 3-4 times a week? Do I even have that much to say?!

And that is where this blog was born. I have been needing an additional outlet for all things wedding for a while now and becoming a potential candidate for Bee'dom was just the necessary push needed to sit down and create this special blog. So here is where I hope to craft my voice, get posts together and figure out if I really do have that much to say about the wedding.

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