Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do It Yourself.. You mean order it online, right?!

Say what you will about her, but I happen to think Martha Stewart is a genius. I mean who else could turn popsicle sticks into a tree house?! She is so wonderfully creative and has so many wonderfully creative people working for her, you start to think- "I can do that! Glue, wire, newspaper and a rolling pin? No problem!"

Unless your me. I love crafts. I enjoy watching them being made (so much so that I watch Martha's OnDemand crafts on Comcast multiple times a week). However I am definitely craft challenged! I haven't quite figured out what the problem is- I can follow directions, I know where the craft store is. Somewhere between the dream of craft goddess and the finished product, I get lost. It makes for a sad panda moment in the Yankee household.
So when it came time to craft it up for the wedding, I decided to search online sites like etsy to find the do-it-yourself tasks I wasn't gifted enough to accomplish myself. But then I started having what I call "bride enduced dementia." Bride enduced dementia is defined as a moment where an otherwise normal, sane woman goes into a tizzy over something related to wedding planning that is so silly and unnecessary that only she would notice. Hence, I started to freak out:
"How can my wedding be personal unless I create the perfect invitation suite/out of town bags/welcome signs/pomanders?! Everyone will be judging me for being a dead beat bride!"
Alas, sanity won out and so I decided to scale back my DIY projects (because really, who is going to notice whether or not they have hand made napkins?) and do it Sandra Lee style- semi home made.


So instead of over 15 DIY projects, I'll now be doing around 5-7. And instead of trying to everything from scratch, I will be enlisting the help of craft stores, online tutorials and creative friends to create the best wedding related crafts to date!

Any DIY brides want to share some words of wisdom?

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