Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"She worked for ILM? She's in!" Or how we got the bestest photographer. EVER.

You've read about my non-compromising view on wedding photography. Are you ready to know how we picked the one responsible for capturing the special moments on film officially?! Good- here it comes!

My photography evolution was a little painful, but completely worth it. When Mr. Yankee and I originally got engaged, I had a set person in mind to be my photographer. I had worked with her before on personal portraits and remembered her professionalism, upbeat attitude and work ethic. To me, she was a no brainer; and then I started looking at her wedding photography. A word to all photo vendors out there- please make sure you put your absolute best work out there for the public to view. Because when I looked over the wedding photos she had on her website I was disappointed. Was this what I was to expect when it came time for my wedding?! I shuddered at the thought, threw out the idea of her being our photographer and started from scratch.

After weeks of website stalking, blog reading and packing my favorites folder to capacity, I had narrowed down my choices in photographers. I had what I called the "holy trinity" of potential wedding day Ansel Adams' on my list and made the appropriate connections. Of the three that I sent out, I got two responses. The first to respond was Dorothy; and there was ultimate clickage (yeah, I just made up a word- sue me). Not only was she super friendly talking to me while I was my way home from work, but she was engaging, sweet and had great antecdotes to get my mind thinking of this whole party called "wedding." I know that there are hundreds of talented photographers out there that could do an amazing job, but I firmly believe that you have to 'click' with your photographer (no pun intended). We set a time for a follow up call and I excitedly went to Mr. Y to tell him all about this fabulous woman.

As soon as I got home I reached for my lap top, clicked on the favorites folder marked 'photo love' and showed Mr. Yankee Dorothy's websited. "Wouldn't she be the absolute bestest photographer in the world? Look at her use of light. The soft focus of each moment. Swoon!" But Mr. Y was even tempered and very PC about the whole thing; as long as it made me happy. You see, Mr. Yankee and I differ on the view of photography. Every website I went to was different and new. I would show him web page after web page asking for his opinion. His response? "They all look the same. It's just photography." Yeah, I know- "HUH?!" But forgive him- he is but a boy! Mr. Yankee didn't even fully engage in the conversation until I mentioned Dorothy's previous place of employment- Industrial Light & Magic.

"ILM? She worked for ILM?"
"If she can get me a job at ILM, she's hired."
"She doesn't work there anymore, honey."

Mr. Y has a thing for George Lucas and was super excited to potentially be working with him by proxy. I was just excited that he was paying attention to details! And so we set off on our meeting with Dorothy- at a local Starbucks- to discuss details and prices.

And it only got better once we had our first meeting! Professional, communicative, refreshing, humble and overall awesome are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe the utter greatness that is Dorothy Hatchel. As soon as we left our meeting, I told Mr. Y that we absolutely, positively had to go with her. She just *got* me. And even more important- she was willing to work with me and my budget. She provided alternatives instead of just saying no and when I shared an idea I was having, she embraced it. I just cannot say enough positive things about her. Oh- and her photography abilities?! Just absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! I'll let her work speak for itself....

*all photos courtesy of Dorothy Hatchel Photography*

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